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Green Wing Macaws

All You Need To Know About Greenwing Macaws

All parrots species have a few traits in common, which include they have thesame number of feets which are four toes on each foot with two toes pointing forward and backward
Green wing macaws is the second largest of all macaws.

On Average a well cared Macaws can stay for 50 years.Before considering to adopt one you should be ready to dedicate your time ,focus and love inshort life commitements.Studies have shown that so many people are interested in these breed for trading and also to earn extra cash.
Before adopting one or buying you should consider a reputable Breeder whom you can verify the Birds health,status

Greenwing Macaws

Feeding care and Exercise for Macaws

Before adopting or buying macaws, there are things to consider which are of uttermost importance.Due to their long tail a large cage tall enough to prevent their tail from hitting the bottom as this can cause a tail or a feather to brake.I had experienced this before the size of our previous cage was not large enough to contained our Macaws, and we noticed a lot of brakage in their feathers.

Bigger cages gives  added advantage for them to be able to play with each other and their toys .
Macaws needs 2-3 hours outside their cage 

Just like Humans Bird needs food inorder to be healthy, to grow and to be able to perform their daily tasks such as playing with each other.My macaws are feed with vegetables,fruits .Generally they consume high quality of seeds and pellets.Care should be taken with their diets inorder to avoid obesity and food poisoning .

Macaws Diets

Its a typical mixture of fruits.
Also there are name brands commercially prepared seeds or pellet mixes for the macaws.But i always prefare doing it at home cause its natural and fresh.

Amongst all other species(Macaws) the green wing macaws is quieter , but the fact still remains is that a parrot is a parrot sometimes they become too loud.To avoid disturbing your neighbours it is adviceable to place the cage in a room where the noise the neighbours can hear is minimal.But its not a prison please note .
Generally macaws require a cage of atleast 2 1/1 by 3 feet
A large sturdy perch needs to be mounted in their cage, the should be fruit and water dish
With toys i always place fresh branches in their cage so that they can chew on them as well, but it is changed within after several hours.

Personality and Behaviour
They are all loud and the good thing about them is that they are quick learners and they can learned within the shortest time if the right training is given.
Greenwing macaws are generally friendly,intelligent and lovable.They easily copy your mood for example if you are agitated(nervous) they become agitated too and if you are happy and loving do will be happy and loving too

Hygiene and Maintenance
There is a saying "cleanliness is next to Godlyness".For a longer lifespan and to avoid health problems its importantl you care for the cage daily .These includes cleaning the water and food dishes.Weekly activities including cleaning the perches,toys and the floor should be washed every week.
Annually all the dishes if they are old should be replaced the cage needs to be disinfected

Sexing-Sexual Differences
Physically we can never determine the sex of a macaws or parrots in general.In order to know if your Macaw is a male or female it must be sexed.The feather can be used or a surgical sexing is done.

Possible Health Problems
Almost all Birds are prone to feather plucking sometimes the cause is unknown but it is obvious it is due to bordom.To combat this problem or to limit feather plucking it is highly adviceable to make available plenty of toys inorder to distract them.

Macaws sneezes it is normal it is to clear out dust and it is followed by a clear discharge

Points to consider before adoption a Greenwing Macaws
  • First of all are you ready to provide all that is needed for your macaws?.Its a big questions and it requires all your attention,commitment and also training .
  • Care should be taken with their foods to prevent obesity or food posioning
  • Macaws are sold in Avian specialty stores or from a reputable pet store.Sometimes they are available for adoption in rescue organisations
Please feel free for any questions or if you have any materials to add we are here to interact and educate other on Parrots and Birds

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