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Cockatoo Parrots

Facts about Cockatoos

Cockatoos bird for sale are most widely known for the big crests of feathers that they display on the tops of their heads, but there are plenty of other fun and fascinating Cockatoo facts for bird lovers to focus on. For example, did you know that all Cockatoo species hail from Australia? That's right, every single one of these large parrots have origins . It is difficult to determine the age of a cockatoo, however young cockatoos will have a beak that is smooth and pale and their plumage will be paler, while an older bird's beak will be darker and have striations and their plumage will have a fuller coloration. Cockatoos are thought to be the longest lived of all parrots with examples cited of the Greater Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo having lived over 100 years.

Hand-feeding Cockatoos does it make them affectionate?.

Cockatoos,Cockatoo Parrots for sale when hand fed as babies and properly tamed, tend to form extremely strong lifelong bonds with their owners. They are also known to be one of the most affectionate parrot species, craving petting from their owners, and preferring to be on or near them at all times. In fact, some Cockatoos can become depressed if they feel like their owners aren't showing them enough attention, and this can lead to side effects such as feather plucking and destructive behavior. For this reason, they are only recommended for those who have a lot of time to devote to handling and socializing with their pets.

Bird Grooming:

 If cockatoos are not partnered with another bird, they will need assistance from their owners to preen. Scratch lightly in the direction of the feathers on the top of the heads, the neck area, and other areas they can't reach. This will help remove the clear feather sheaths from new feathers, as these can get itchy and uncomfortable.
The wings should be kept trim if you want to discourage flight and to prevent the loss of your pet through an open window or door. The beak and claws need to be trimmed if they are not worn down from climbing and chewing. A variety of concrete type perches are available to help the keep nails trim, but they should still be trimmed if they become overgrown. Because cockatoos will demolish mineral blocks, lava blocks, and other beak grooming items in a matter of a few minutes, they won't work to keep beaks trim.


Alot of care and control should be taken with their diets because of weight gain and obesity if their diets aren't carefully monitored. Because of this, Cockatoo owners are normally encouraged to offer their birds access to minimal seed and a variety of fresh, bird-safe fruits and vegetables instead.Parrot for sale In addition to restricted seed intake, Cockatoo owners are sometimes also cautioned to reserve items such as nuts and breads for treats, and refrain from including them in their bird's daily meal offerings. Depending on the body condition of an individual bird, an avian vet might also offer more specific dietary recommendations.
  A Cockatoo diet consisting of a basic large hookbill seed mix with supplements of sprouted seeds and all sorts of fruits and vegetables is generally regarded as suitable.
   Some examples of supplements are apples, pears, plums, raisons, oranges, bananas, peaches, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, chickweed, dandelions, and lots more! Do not feed avocado as it is toxic to birds!
   Occasional proteins can be offered such as cottage cheese, bits of cheese, hard boiled eggs, canned dog food, and cooked meat bones. Stay away from highly seasoned, fatty processed meats.
   Vitamins and minerals should not be necessary with a good varied diet except in times of change or stress. If your cockatoo has a tendency to destroy calcium blocks, as an alternative, calcium can be sprinkled on their food about once a week.
Give your cockatoo fresh drinking water every day.

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