Monday, May 30, 2016



Hey and welcome to my educative and interactive blog on birds and parrots, want to use this opportunity to thank you for visiting my site and showing some curiousity about wholesome living.

My name is Tracy am married to serge . I live in Hungary and and i travel alot around the world . I am very passionate about Parrots and Birds, their health, activites ,breeding . But most of all I enjoy sharing knowledge and inspiring others to thrive and be happy.

Its with great pleasure for me to share with everybody why desire so much love for parrots and birds.I was raised in a pet loving home and back then in the 90s my family had different species of parrots.Just to name a few macaws,Greys ,pigeons,parakeets.My mum was into poulty farming so growing up with such a lovely and happy home with giants birds around me as kid, gave me so much joy and happines.Though am not into animal medicine(veterinary) or a vet but i have dedicated my life in parrots and birds.

It became so much fun and a very important aspact in my life  after meeting some really inspiring people like my Husband (serge) his sisters , and especially a Man I met in  Brazil whose name is Thiego. He was a breeder and has so much experienced with giants birds and that is where everything started i took to myself its a great oppurtuniy for my husband and i to start a forum where we can educated my community and the world about Birds and parrots maybe as a pet, breeding programs and what you should expect from particular breeds.

Parrots are great pets for our homes but it all depends on yout time,your love and the specie.It entails alot of commitment and sacrifices.One thing to note is that parrots in general are very good in learning they are very swift to mimic and copy sounds espacially human sounds and laughter.Africa grey parrot is very good at this.I hope families,pet lovers will find this information educative and we are open for new ideas and corrections as well.
I want to Thank GOD,Universe and everybody
And thank you all for taking your busy time to read this post