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There Are Many Species Of Pet Birds

The most important thing about birds is that most/all types of pet birds have their own personalities, traits, and characteristics.Below you will find a classificition of birds based on their size.The importance of this is that it will help you to determine which birds requires more experienced owners,more time and commitment

                                              EXTRA SMALL PET BIRDS

 Facts to note 
Canaries must be allowed to fly to maintain their health and happiness, inorder for them to fly it is important to provide a very large cage 
Common Name:Canary
Scientific name: Serinus canaria domestica
Length: It is estimated to be 12 – 20 cm
Lifespan: Red factor canary: 10 years, Harz Roller: 10 years   



 Fact to note
 Finch is a very broad name to describe hundreds of small birds.The finch species are mostly kept as pet.Finch from my experienced are perfect for any person interested in a pet bird but is not ready for giant parrots like macawsetc
Common Name:Finch
Scientific name: Fringillidae
Clutch size: It is estimated to be: 3 – 4

                                                        SMALL PARROT

  Facts to notes
Cockatiels there is always a saying the manner in which the pet is raised,handled has a profound effecr either possitively or negatively on their temperaments.Generally Cockatiels are good pet and a perfect companion Parrot

Love Bird
Facts to note
Their names tells it all, they tend to form a strong bond and the most interesting facts about this bird is the male and female spend much time with each other.Frequently preening each others feathers.
Scientific name: Agapornis
Lifespand:Estimated between 10-15 years
Other species of birds under this classification includes Small Parakeets and Parrotlets

                                            MEDIUM PARROTS

Facts to note
Just like Cockatiels conures are typical Pet companions and they come in a wide range of colours.Conures are active birds they play alot and require a spacious cage to move about and to accommodate toys.The size for the cage is between A 36 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 24 inches high.There are many other parrots which falls under this classification, they are Caiques,lories & lorikeets,large parikeets,Poinus Parrots and Poicephalus

                                           LARGE PARROTS

Facts to note
Scientific name: Psittacus erithacus
African grey wonderful and very intelligent bird.These large birds require great commitment and are lifelong companions.Generally there are two types of available in this specie
Congo and African Grey and
Timneh African Grey
There other species in this classification of parrots, just to name a few 
Amazon,Electus,Cockatoos,Mini Macaws,Large Conures.

                                               EXTRA LARGE PARROTS

Facts to note
Scientific name: Ara ararauna
Blue and Gold originate is name from its beautiful blue body & dark lemon yellow chest, its gorgeous colour makes it very diffcult to miss.
It requires alot of commitment from their owners but they easily bond with their onwers
If they are well taken care of they can live for 65 years.
There other species of macaws with amazing colours they include 
Green winged macaws,Hahn's macaws,Hyacinth macaws,Scarlet macaws.

                                             LESS COMMON  PETS BIRDS

They are also very important and amazing species and very popular, we consider them as less common because they are not kept as pet like the birds above .Also note this Bird require supplie and special care.Just to name a few Crows,Doves & Pigeons,Mynah Birds and Toucans

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